FFL Services *

FFL Transfer $35.00
Property Pickup Fee $15.00 + $0.575 Per Mile from Shop to Pickup Location
Private Party Transfer $10.00 + $25.00 NICS Fee
Ammunition Transfer $10.00

 *All services subject to New York State Sales Tax.


Consignment *

Consignment Fee 15% off Final Amount

Gunsmith Services *

Service Charges  
Hourly Rate $45.00
Cleaning Services  
Field Strip and Clean $20.00

Detail Strip and Clean (Complete strip, clean all parts, checking for wear and tear)

 Add Ultrasonic Clean to Detail Strip +$10.00
General Work  
Magazine Pinning $12.00
Sight Work  
Sight in Gun** $50.00
Boresighting $20.00
Pattern Shotgun** $50.00
Install Dovetail Sight $30.00
Scope Mounting, Ring Lapping $45.00
General Barrel and Action Work  
Remove Stuck Case $50.00
Remove Live Round $75.00
Remove Barrel Obstruction Hourly Rate
Barrel Lapping $50.00
Manufacturered Trigger Installation ** $50.00
Stock Work  
Wood Finishing (No Reshape)  
Unfilled Oil or Lacquer Finish $150.00
Filled, Rubbed Oil Finish $200.00
Other Options Available Upon Request  
Glass Bedding  
Bolt Rifle $100.00
Match Rifles (M1, M1A) $150.00
AR-15 Work  
Maintenance Cleaning (Complete Disassembly, Clean and Oil) $70.00
Install Aftermarket Trigger ** $50.00
Install Aftermarket Forend ** $50.00

* All Services Subject to New York State Sales Tax

** Does NOT Include Cost of Parts and Targets/Ammo as Necessary

Other Services Available Upon Request. Just ask!